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About us

RNB Cosmetics was launched in 2011 in Luxembourg. This society sells a wide range of cosmetic products for men and women. Most of them are from Italy.

Our main cosmetic brands are :

- LAYLA COSMETICS MILANO : this is one of the most popular cosmetic brands in Italy. It is especially known for its make-up and nail polish good quality products. Every woman looking for unique and innovative products will choose Layla Cosmetics Milano.

- ACQUA DEL GARDA exclusively sells fragrances and body care products for men and women. The products are made from natural plants surrounding the famous and amazing Garde Lake in Italy.

 -BIOVENE BARCELONA : those home made cosmetic products are especially made for body care. They are very good quality. 

- MITO COSMETICS : RNB Cosmetics launched its own cosmetic brand in 2017. We sell unique products made for everyone who needs high quality beauty products.